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Vaibhav Saraf

Hi Sandra,

For renaming a sheet:

Alt + H stands for 'Home' tab in the ribbon.
'O' stands for Format which is found under Cell styles group which is a sub-group of Styles under Home.
'R' is for 'Rename Sheet' which will come down in the list after activating the Format menu.

For moving, I have no idea what Alt + E is for, pressing that hotkey just places me on the Home tab, I think probably its tab is hidden right now in my ribbon. I will try to search on that and come back if I am able to figure that out.
Alt + E generally contains commands to copy, paste, delete, etc.

I found one thread in the Microsoft community which suggests that you can use Office in German language with just the ribbon in English, maybe it will help you. Caution: Moving to English ribbon will also change other shortcuts for you, which you may already feel comfortable with in the German version.


On Sat, 12 Jun 2021 at 17:02, Sandra Pilz <sandra914481@...> wrote:

Hi Vaibhav,

Thank you for your reply, I'm glad to hear that it works.

Unfortunately, I can't work with your specified sequence of keys, because my Windows and Office are in German, so the key sequence would be different, too. Could you please let me know what the keys stand for? Then I could look for the respective sequence in my version of Office.

Thank you



Am 12.06.2021 um 12:30 schrieb Vaibhav Saraf:

To rename a sheet use - Alt + H, O, R - commands in specified sequence. A modal will open up, you can provide a new name and hit Enter.

To move or duplicate, use Alt + E, M - you can schoose to move current sheet ahead of any other sheet, or check the checkbox to create a copy at any specified spot.

Hope that helps.

On Sat, 12 Jun 2021 at 15:32, Sandra Pilz <sandra914481@...> wrote:


When using JAWS or Narrator in Excel, once you have opened a file, you can press f6 to see the name of the current sheet, to see other sheets in the file , rename it or select another sheet. When using NVDA, pressing f6 does nothing.

Is there another way to get to the sheet list in NVDA?

I use Office 365 and NVDA 2020.4.



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