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A couple of bits here, some of direct help, some from a moderator's standpoint.

1.  The keyboard shortcuts for ANY Microsoft product in ANY language it happens to be translated to can be found with a simple web search provided it's being done from the location that is appropriate to the regional language being discussed.  If I search here in the USA, I always end up in the part of support.microsoft.com that's followed with "en-us" (English, United States).  I seem to recall when once playing with a VPN to fake being in a completely different country that searches such as this would bring me in to Microsoft's support pages for the correct language and region.  In the case of Office for the USA, the links to the shortcuts for all the Office suite here:

Keyboard shortcuts in Office - support.microsoft.com
or just Excel here:

Keyboard shortcuts in Excel - Office Support

If I am incorrect about that, then would someone please report how they get to the Microsoft Support pages for their specific region and language?

2. This is the perfect example of a question that is not about NVDA.  It's about Excel.  There's not a blessed thing that's NVDA specific about it.  Thus, this sort of question should be asked either on the Chat Subgroup or elsewhere.  Our group description states:
The central purpose of this group is discussing how to use NVDA. This includes configuring NVDA's settings or familiarizing oneself with its modes and commands.  Discussions about which programs are accessible using NVDA, NVDA add-ons, NVDA tutorials and documentation, and configuring synthesizers or Braille displays for use with NVDA are also permitted.
and our group rules state:
It is presumed that the majority of members will be using NVDA, and possibly other screen readers, as part of their daily routine.  This being the case, before you post a message you have to consider whether the question you are about to ask is actually about NVDA itself, or about the program you’re using it to access.  Questions of the form, How do I use . . . with NVDA?, are very seldom about NVDA, but are almost always about the program being accessed with NVDA.

And I actually expect people to pay attention to both.  If the question is really not about NVDA or really closely related stuff like configuring things like braille displays to work with it, or the accessibility of a given program with it, it doesn't belong on this group.

I am asking, directly, that people think before they post and choose the venue that is appropriate for the question they're about to ask.  Those who want to answer non-NVDA questions, and I'm among them, are participants in those venues.  But the folks who elect to participate only here have made it clear that the strong preference is for sticking with NVDA-centric discussions.

Any further discussion about Excel should be taken to the Chat Subgroup, or, if you prefer, to the Microsoft Office Accessibility Discussion Group.  Here are the addresses:
Chat Subgroup:

Microsoft Office Accessibility Discussion Group:

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