locked Re: [Locked] Acapela Group Infovox4 Device to Go Out of Support in July 2022


On Sun, Jun 13, 2021 at 08:12 AM, Gene wrote:
I would urge people to get demos of these products and form your own conclusions.
I absolutely agree.  What one person considers "the highest quality" another may consider dross, and vice versa.  When it comes to synthesizers and voices it's very difficult to generalize from your own personal preferences to those of others you don't know very well.

And now, for a moderator's note (and not aimed at you, Gene, but at these topics in general):  The "which synthesizer is best" topics are not NVDA-related.  They just aren't.  Asking what synths and/or voices and from whom work with NVDA is, but these endless spin cycles about "what I [for some random I] like best" are absolutely not.  These topics belong on the Chat Subgroup, not here.  Even extended discussion of the synths and voices themselves is not NVDA related.

The announcement of something going out of support on a specified date that is currently compatible with NVDA is not a problem.  But any long reminiscences about the thing going out of support, were such to happen, needs to happen on the Chat Subgroup, not here.

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