locked Re: [Locked] Acapela Group Infovox4 Device to Go Out of Support in July 2022

David Goldfield


May we please have a source link containing this announcement regarding Infovox losing support by next year?



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Subject: Re: [nvda] acapella infovox4 to expire 2022


To be honest I have the sapi vocaliser and eloquence.

I use both for gaming but I'd never use either for standard speech.

Compaired to the cracked realspeak ones there are all sorts of pronounciation issues with the code factory ones.

The only reasons I went to the legal ones to be honest is.

1.  64 bit support and its stickability with windows settings and not have to muck about with control panels all over the place, and.

2.  the fact that to install them in 64 bit I had to get a hacked installer to install the hacked datafiles to then do as above.

I am a little disapointed there are not many more packs.

I would prefer not using nvda addons because sapi means no incompatability and no restriction.

However for performance which includes website and emails espeak while its non human, crappy and robotic as all heck is at least fast performance wize and loaded internally.

99.9% of the daily tasks are not games, or books and don't need the voice to be good, they just have to be read.

I don't need the voice to sound high quality, I just need the voice to sound clear enough to read or type.

Espeak ng is clear and doesn't sound bad at all.

Saying that microsoft voices for all thhat are ok, there even is an hack somewhere that gets me to run cortana voice as a sapi synth.

That means well it could all be fine.

I looked at cereproc and while yeah it sounds all nice, I want not just 1 voice, but all x language voices.

Ie all novelty voices,+ all english voices of all countries.

While I don't mind paying the 10 bucks for the 6 or so novelty voices, I object to the 30-40 bucks per standard voice.

The only thing I may buy are the neospeech sapi voices released by maxiaids and produced by irty.

I'd like the rest from readspeaker but guess what, to use them as sapi and buy all the voices even on subscription is so far out of my price range I may as well pay for bionic eyes!

Case in point bar the orpheus voices which I brought because they just cost 40 bucks just to say I own them all, we don't have many voices to chose from in actual fact.

At one point we had inoetic but guess what, in flight sims and a few other things they just don't pan out right.

At any rate inoetics is no more and I guess their regserver is also busted to, and that was 80 bucks wasted.

I don't mind what I have but If code factory voices are all we have as a pack its a little abismal.

I mean give me a break, in the early times sure but now well.

No ivona because now part of amazon, and acapella is going cloud.

What's left.

Festival, pico and flite.

Except flite sounds really bad and anyway there hasn't been a release of festvox anything since 2014.

So yeah I think if this is what comercial stuff is now for spaciffics and not really for users as such not unless you want 1 voice or 2, then maybe we need to make our own voices and forget things.

I still have espeak but espeak ng does have sapi voices about to download, not sure if there is an editer for espeak ng, but maybe I should learn it.

I have the time, in fact I may just do so.

Due to covid, I have been holding on to a lot more cash than usual, usually I get 1 or so upgrades a year but with shipping and the fact I have enough drives, flash, standard and an off sight backup I suddenly have just about everything I want except the really expensive out of reach stuff, and now with acapella doing what its done even that is out of the loop.

I have ehough sets, there is 1 other thing I'd really like but thats about it.

Maybe I may buy all the sereproc voices one day but really.



On 13/06/2021 5:57 pm, Fawaz Abdul rahman wrote:


In addition to that, acapella add-on really slow and sometimes buggy, we can’t speed it up to 150 as I can with sapi voices from the config file.

And vocalizer voices, finding a working demo is quite hard, you download from 2-3 places and all not compatible with nvda above 2019.3, then you find one with eloquence which is also buggy.

For foreign language users, such as Arabic, finding a suitable voice without using a cracked version is quite difficult. And the situation hasn’t improved yet.

Good luck.


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From: Shaun Everiss
Sent: Sunday, June 13, 2021 5:48 AM
To: nvda@nvda.groups.io
Subject: [nvda] acapella infovox4 to expire 2022




Subject says it all.


I was mucking about looking at what extras I could buy for the system I

have and found that infovox4 which a few of us have managed to afford is

going out of support sometime next year.


Due to changes in markets and sales, acapella is dropping this product.


More likely in my opinion they can't keep up with all the new windows

updates, with windows 11 coming out later on who knows.


Up shot of this is that the only massive voice pack apart from orpheus

you can get is sadly the codefactory voices.


You can buy the acapella voices for nvda but I really want more sapi

voices and I want to be able to buy big packages instead of by the voice.









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