locked Re: [Locked] Acapela Group Infovox4 Device to Go Out of Support in July 2022

David Goldfield

Also, if I’m interpreting their announcement correctly this does not affect the NVDA addon containing the Acapela voices. I am assuming that InfoVox4 is a SAPI compliant version of these voices?



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I'd also like to point out that the paragraph announcing end of support explicitly states, "The product will remain fully operational and available as long as Windows OS allows it."

I have very little doubt that it will remain fully operational for some time to come after they cease official support.  And if it's something not in constant contact with cyberspace to support its operation, it should be perfectly OK to use it as long as you can use it.  End of support does not mean end of functional life for a given end user.  I, for instance, used Microsoft Photo Editor for years after it went out of support because it had the best and simplest way to create transparency based on the match to a given pixel color you clicked on.  I'd love to have it, still, if only for that function.  And since it required no connection to cyberspace to work, I had no fear in using it.

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