Re: Nvda error, how to solved it?


On Sun, Jun 13, 2021 at 07:07 PM, Ján Kulik wrote:
I had to remove the addons folder in NVDA and install those add-ons that are compatible with NVDA 2021.1, while in beta for me.
It would really have helped had you given "the full picture."

It has been stated, repeatedly and often over the last several weeks, that the 2021.1 beta should only have add-ons used with it that have been explicitly noted as being compatible with 2021.1.  There has even been a link posted on multiple occasions to a page where the compatibility of the various add-ons with 2021.1 is being tracked.

This is a "backward compatibility" breaking release, and has been known to be such since before the first beta was released.

And if anyone is not identifying the release of NVDA that they're using, the default presumption here is that it's the current production release, which would be 2020.4.  But even that should be noted right now, as during transition periods it's really critical to know what versions of everything are involved.

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