locked Re: [Locked] Acapela Group Infovox4 Device to Go Out of Support in July 2022


Well I have noticed with the australian voice on vocaliser that some
american accents like the odd stray letter or word is emulated.
Its not often but enough that I notice.
The older realspeak never had this issue.
Though I may contact acapella to see what exactly then want to do with
indevidual users, I'd personally like sapi voices but it seems nural
cloud subscriptions seem to be the rage.
Sadly its all about the mobile baby which means us users on the big
traditional boxes of microsoft goodness may be out of luck but I may

On 14/06/2021, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:
As I read it, and other pages, it affects nothing but the Infovox4.

See pages:
Voices for NVDA screen reader (
https://www.acapela-group.com/solutions/acapela-tts-voice-for-nvda/ )
and the page you go to on that screen if you activate the Discover Acapela
TTS voice for NVDA ( http://www.acapela-nvda.com/ ) control.

It seems to me they're dumping support for a specific piece of hardware, the
InfoVox4, and that's it.

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