Re: How do I set up Audio Ducking?


On Mon, Jun 14, 2021 at 11:11 AM, Chris Smart wrote:
This will shock some of you, but I found that by opeing the User Guide, doing NVDA+CTRL+F for Find, typing "ducking" and pressing Enter. (grin)
Hence the reason that knowing that:

1.  NVDA+N,H,Q brings up the NVDA Commands Quick Reference in your chosen browser
2.  NVDA+N,H,U brings up the NVDA User Guide in your chosen browser

is vital.  One or the other of these two things generally contains the answer to well over 90% of, "How do I . . .?," questions for NVDA itself.  And you can find those answers far more quickly, in many cases, than by asking here (not that asking here is a problem).

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