Re: few screen reader commands needed

Rui Fontes


Answers in the midle of your questions...

Às 16:44 de 14/06/2021, ganesh reddy escreveu:
1. Is there any short Cut key to know the page number?

The page number and line number can be displayed in the status bar.

You can read the status bar with NVDA+End and can access it, to read and configure, with the Word command F6.

If I am reading 50 pages document.
I read few pages. I wants to stop here. now how can I know, in which
page I am on?

Remember that the recent versions of Word already remember the place where you stopped previously...

3. If I press page up, my cursor will be in first line of previous page.
In the same way is there any trick, so that I can go to end of the same page?

Press Control+PageDown to go to next page and than press arrow up to go to last line of previous page...

4. Is there any shortcut key to read whole page?


Rui Fontes

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