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   Not a Welsh native, but a learner. From what I see the situation looks quite sad. There used to be two Welsh voices from Ivona - Geraint and Gwyneth - in both a Welsh-language (South) and Welsh English version. I used to have them for a long time but then lost them irretrievably. Can't say a whole lot about how authentic their Welsh was, because mine was too much beginner at the time, but I think Ivona was generally fairly good at the linguistic aspect of their voices. Now that the company has been taken by Amazon years ago, the voices can be no longer purchased directly from them for Sapi5 though and are no longer supported. There are some places where you can get them, like from HarpoSoftware, but when I tried demos they seemed rather buggy.

   And then we have Espeak, which is not surprisingly not very authentic-sounding in Welsh at all. I guess I've once heard that there was a Welsh Festival voice but never heard it or tested it and I generally don't have much experience with Festival at all. And that's it, as far as I know.

   If someone else knows more, I'd be happy to hear as well.

   I am sort of silently hoping for CereProc to make the move now, as they are a Scottish company who have already created Scottish Gaelic and Irish Gaelic voices, as well as many regional dialect British voices so why not Welsh. As a North Welsh learner I think it would be particularly fun to have the voices for these two dialects, but that's probably a total utopia for now.


W dniu 15.06.2021 o 00:20, Louder Pages pisze:

Can one or two of the Welsh speakers in the group give me a quick summary of the state of play regarding voices for NVDA?  Quality, quantity.  North vs South.

Lovely language, used to speak a bit of it myself a long time ago.

- Mark

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