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Kakarla Nageswaraiah

Dear Fawaz Abdul rahman Sir,
Thank you very much for writing about the bookworm app. I'll download
and explore its usability and let others know if it's really useful.

On 6/14/21, Fawaz Abdul rahman <> wrote:
Hi, your questions have been answered, however,

If you just like to read and like to keep the position and navigate page by
page etc, I would recommend checking out bookworm app.

good luck.

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From: ganesh reddy
Sent: Monday, June 14, 2021 6:45 PM
Subject: [nvda] few screen reader commands needed

Hi, I am Ganesh from Hyderabad, India.

While using WinWord with NVDA, I got the following doubts.

1. Is there any short Cut key to know the page number?

For example:

If I am reading 50 pages document.

I read few pages. I wants to stop here. now how can I know, in which

page I am on?

2. In the same way can I know, line number?

3. If I press page up, my cursor will be in first line of previous page.

In the same way is there any trick, so that I can go to end of the same

4. Is there any shortcut key to read whole page?


with regards Ganesh reddy:



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