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Thanks, for your reply.

Do you know, can nvda activate the audio message shared by others and listen to it?

Is it possible to share a file or read and download a file shared by others?

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If you need to use Signal Desktop to perform a task, it's possible. But Current experience is worse than Whatsapp app.
With the shortcut keys of the application, it becomes easier to focus on areas such as chat, message history and to perform some tasks; but even that doesn't save the situation from being completely bad.
Since each of the message history items is a separate focusable item, it is possible to navigate the messages with the arrow keys, while the tab key navigates over the messages instead of navigating between these sections. Areas that are not active in use are visible on the screen and there are a few key audio issues.

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Hello all,

Anyone has experience in using Signal desktop app with nvda?

I wanna know how is it working with nvda?


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