Re: JavaScript events related to Screen reader virtual cursor

Vaibhav Saraf

Hi Niranjan,
Thanks for the point. I can confirm this was considered and the notification is focusable with tab (though in  a little different manner). 

I have done some part of research and probably it will not go as I have thought, it will all come down to advocacy now.


On Wed, 16 Jun 2021 at 21:19, <niranjan.v.94@...> wrote:
Hello Vaibhav, As I know there are no NVDA or screen reader specific events in JavaScript yet to detect the screen reader virtual cursers. However, As I can understand from your query, developers are able to manage hover & focus events to increase the interaction timing for the toast notification & that is great but it seems like they are not giving the focus to the correct element. May be they should have to give focus to the parent element that is holding the entire content of toast notification. May be they can try to give tabindex="0" attribute to the parent element. You can verify the behavior of the toast notification whether it is correctly focusable or not by pressing tab key on your keyboard. Note that if you can access the notification using the virtual curser or browse mode, that doesn't mean that the notification is focusable. You should switch to the focus mode & then use the tab key to navigate to the notification. If it is not accessible, That means they have to use the tabindex="0" attribute on the parent element to make it focusable. Or may be you can tell them to make it accessible as soon as it is appear on to the page.

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