Re: speech hub can not install.

Gene NZ <hurrikennyandopo@...>


When I put a copy of speechhub onto my windows 10 machine last week, when you go to install speechhub if it can not see Java on your machine it will downloadi it and install it to your machine. Usually most machines already have it When it is installed then you need to install the add on for NVDA to see it, then do the usual to see the synths and voices in NVDA.

What operating system are you using? Have you got all of your service packs for windows on the machine. I will contact Isaac or see if I have his details and send them onto him, so he can help you if you want me to.
So hopefully it can be sorted.

Gene nz

On 16-Mar-16 2:30 AM, Life My Way via wrote:
I am having trouble installing speech hub it gets so far when i try and install the addon it won't let me go any farther something about java what is happening i have tried many times to install this but it won't install please help.

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