locked Windows11:Welcome to new group

Akash Kakkar

Hey all,
So most of us who are connected to tech news are well aware that
Microsoft is launching new windows on 24th of june and most probably
it will be called "Windows11".
I know that you are all are very excited to try out the new version of
Windows and eagerly waiting for the june 24th event.
So, please allow me to welcome you all in brand new windows group
which is created for all of us keeping diversity, and inclusion in
This new group is created for everyone so that we all can discuss
anything related to new Windows Operating system.
To subscribe to the group please send a mail to:
address for posting to the group
Let's start rolling #Windows11 discussions!
I hope our journey with this new Windows will be fruitful and I
welcome you all in the group in advance.
with regards,

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