Re: OCR software


yes it does, its only 200 aud, and is cheaper than other ocr stuff.
Pluss abbyy has a habbit of including free offers in their software.
Unlike other software that could include malware or something like it, abbyy has always included the low cost software packages in its pro software.
a form filler for abbyy 6 and or 7, something for something else.
Right now its the 9 buck screen shot reader.
So yeah its always nice.

On 15/09/2016 9:49 a.m., P. Otter wrote:
hi try abbyy finereader, works very good with nvda.


paul otter

Op 14-9-2016 om 22:25 schreef Maurice Bell:
Hi all, can you advise of a good OCR software package that works well
with NVDA.

Thanks, Maurice.

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