locked (OT): Welcome to Windows-access and Windows mailing lists

Akash Kakkar

Dear all,
As we all eagerly wait for the release of new Windows OS (most
probably #Windows11) I would like to invite you all to windows-access
mailing list.
To explain more about this, I'll be running 2 mailing lists related to
Windows. 1 is called "windows-access" and another is "windows".
Windows-access is there for any discussion regarding which includes
Windows OS and it's accessibility including screen reader
compattibility, applications and all.
Second mailing list: "windows" is a generalised mailing list which can
be joined by anyone no matter he/she is sighted/blind and it allows
any discussion revolving around Windows.
If you specificly want to talk about the accessibility of Windows OS
and don't want to mingle up with the conversation of non-accessibility
conversations, then you can join exclusive windows-access mailing list
and to post to this list:
Otherwise you can join generalised windows mailing list which is there
for everyone:
Send a mail to post to this list:
welcome you all in the both groups in advance.
with regards,

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