Re: Code factory Eloquence


How you get around that depends on the screen-reader being used.  I haven’t used JAWS enough in years to describe how you would get around the problem. 
In NVDA, if you issue the command control NVDA key s, you will be in the select synthesizer dialog.  that is, hold the NVDA key and control and type s while doing so.  That opens the select synthesizer dialog.
Do this when you have the speech working you want.  Then see what is available and what you want to switch to.  memorize how often you up or down arrow to the emergency synthesizer you want to use and press enter to make it active.  In that way, you can get speech back.
You will then want to go into the speech parameters dialog, NVDA key control v, and adjust speech parameters such as rate.
Tab around and see how the pitch for capital adjustment is set.  Often, the adjustment produces very unpleasant sound when typing or reading a capital letter when spelling a word.  To avoid this, type something low like 6 or 7 in the edit field.  You can always raise it.

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what is worse is that until you can get a different speech working you can't do anything because no matter what key you press you get that message and nothing else.
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I think I know the cause but I don’t know how it is solved.  I think that either the program isn’t communicating with the product manufacturer for recertification, as it does from time to time, or something is corrupted in the company records and the information being sent isn’t recognized. 
We’ll see  how others have solved the problem. 
I consider this to be a drawback in the product.  Why should it have to repeatedly be verified by sending information back to the manufacturer?  Screen-readers don’t do this, once they are activated, they stay activated.  If, for some unexpected reason, you are not online when activation is required, you will lose access to speech from the product.  I mean circumstances where you want to use the computer but you don’t have an Internet connection available.  I expect that normally, when you are once again online, activation automatically takes place.  But it should not be assumed that the user will always be on line when using the product.
Perhaps those who use the product should really start a campaign to let the manufacturer know that this is not something people are willing to accept any longer.
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Subject: [nvda] Code factory Eloquence
What would cause the "please register this product) to pop up over night? There has been no major change in the system. It was running just fine at 2am this morning.
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