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On Thu, Jun 17, 2021 at 12:16 PM, Monte Single wrote:
What is the attraction?
When it comes to voices, I have come to the conclusion that,  Chacun à son goût [Everyone has their own taste], rules the day.

The amount of passion that surrounds what is, or is not, a good voice comes down to personal preference based on one's own needs.  What one loves, another despises.

What I don't get is the rigidity that surrounds preferred voices.  I get why one would want to stick with one's preferred voice or voices, but others should suffice "in a pinch," because pinches do occasionally occur.  It's sort of analogous to having a spare screen reader that you can use as your secondary when, for whatever reason, your preferred one is not playing well with some specific thing, be it a website, software, or something else.

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I do not understand why some seek to separate a person from their actions.  The self is composed of an individual’s thoughts, actions, and expression, which are contained in and actuated by the body.  What you do and say is the clearest indicator of who you are.

      ~ Brian Vogel


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