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I don’t recall having the time announcement issue you are discussing when using the demo.  I do recall that when punctuation was set to none, it would pause at the colon between the hour and minute. 
Nor are pauses between sentences, which is to say after periods too long in my experience.  they are about a quarter of a second, as my rough guess when I used the demo.
There is an NVDA add-on that may correct the time announcement problem, whatever the cause. 

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Hmmm, I never experience this issue at all.
However one thing that I don't like about Codefactory's Eloquence is that pauses between sentenses can be kind of long, and it doesn't seem to announce the time properly, for example instead of saying 'six o-clock' for 6AM when I pressed NVDA+f12 it would say 'zero six zero zero' (there would always be a pause between the announcement of the hour and the minutes).
Maybe I may have misconfigured something, I'm not sure but last time I contacted Codefactory about it they said that it might be an Eloquence issue.

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