Remote pointer for controling presentations

Eilana Benish

Hello everybody

recently I have purchased Logitech remote presenter for operating presentations. I am working with Microsoft PowerPoint 365.

The problem is that when pressing on the right arrow or the left error to move between slides, NVDA reads the characters for the text that on that slide. but when I'm turning off NVDA the remote presentor works just fine.

Few years ago, I have used different remote presenter and this problem did not occur.

I have entered NVDA + 1 mode to hear which key NVDA uses when I'm pressing the arrows on the pointer. and then I understand that with every press on the pointer NVDA uses the left and right key and not the space bar or the backspace to move between slides.

the question is is there something that I can do to change this behavior?

When I'm moving between slides with the keyboard there is no problem  and NVDA works correctly and reads the slides (tell my headphone…)

Also it is worth mentioning that a few weeks ago I gave a presentation with a different pointer. actually I don't know if that pointer is from Logitech company but it was a different remote pointer. then I used my laptop to present and there were no problem with this remote pointer.

And of course I am using the latest version of NVDA

Thanks in advance


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