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NVDA has no such setting.  I think that, after a short time, you may get used to this not occurring and it will fade away to a minor annoyance or perhaps none. 
And at times, I consider it an advantage not to have rap.  Let’s say I am going downa page looking for something.  I want to see if I’ve found all the relevant headings or buttons or whatever I’m looking for because I’m not sure which one I want to use.  If I find what I want near the bottom of the page, then have a rap occur, I am once again at the top of the page.  It would be much more convenient to go to the last item I’m looking for and receive a no more buttons or headings, etc.  Then I can work with the last item if it’s the one I want or I can move backwards to the one I want which may be far closer to the bottom of the page than the top. 
While I don’t have a strong feeling about this, I think page rap is an example of too much automation which creates as much or more inconvenience than it tries to eliminate. 
And another question occurred to me just now.  Does rap cause improper jumping back to the tops of pages in today’s environment?  Many pages change these days as you move through them.  they display more of the page as you move down.  This is to accommodate portable devices.
My question is, say you are moving down a page by heading or by a control such as by button.  Does rap cause the screen-reader to rap to the top before the page changes and appear to show that you reached the end of the page when you actually didn’t?

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Hi all,

When I am navigating a web page with quick navigation keys (H for headings, E for edit fields, etc.), when I get past the last of these on a page, it does not wrap back to the top of the page. With JAWS, it wraps around and I find this useful. Is there some setting I can change to make it wrap around?





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