Re: NVDA add-on for Audible Windows app

George McCoy

Try using object navigation to move between the buttons.

On 6/18/2021 1:17 PM, Blake Roberts via wrote:

I am a new member to the NVDA email list. I have been using NVDA for years. Does an NVDA add-on exist to make the Audible for Windows app more useable with NVDA? Presently when I load the Audible app for Windows, NVDA is silent when I tab through the buttons. Someone created scripts for JAWS which makes Audible easier to use with that screen reader. I'm wondering if an NVDA add-on has been created to make Audible program more accessible when I use it with NVDA. I searched the NVDA add-ons repository and am not finding what I seek. Any help would be appreciated.

Blake Roberts

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