Re: Accessible imaging Software with NVDA?


Well if you can get a windows talking pe I am sure someone will tell you where the heck to get that its somewhere on, well if you go to or search for drive image xml you can happily make an image of whatever and back it up to a drive.
You need the module to add to your boot p image or simply have as a portable on hand.
You will need speech to actually run the image and restore the entire thing.
One thing though, I am assuming all these units have the same key or different keys.
Once you restore that machine I am unsure if the image will be activated or not.
I am unsure if by restoring you will invalidate your current key, yes you can change it but I am unsure how it works.
You may want to have the net turned off from all machines till you put in the right keys.
What I have tended to do with programs at least is have everything with switches in a batch script, run that as admin etc.
Before I did the remote and service thing, I had a small bit of software setup on the system that logged all keypresses and things the user did.
If a certain file or files existed in a certain location, then it would access a dropbox share and run the files I set in them.
I never got it fully working though.
I never got round to completely automating the files though.
My plan was to somehow have it such that I could upload to the share all I needed, and then have something check for files run them, email me and then quit but it never happened because I couldn't find a way to handle it.
Now days I'd probably get one of the ransomware packages set something to run, then when the user started the system get a message saying the system was unusable and that it was going to update mode then it would do its thing, report back and say it was uptodate.
It would mean I had control of things and all I'd have to do was upload the right files to the dropbox share.
But it never got that far.
I am still searching for a way to do it, including logging certain events, crashes, problems, and have an option where if a user had a problem they could write it down somehow and get the right info and get it mailed to me then I could go fixing it remotely but I never got that far and I am no programmer.

On 15/09/2016 10:08 p.m., Brandon Keith Biggs wrote:
Does anyone know of any accessible imaging software (preferably free) that
will allow me to backup all my installed programs and files, preferably
customize them, then allow me to install the image on a new computer with
similar hardware?
I have been asked to setup around 50 computers with the exact same programs
and file structure and then maintain them.
I know of all kinds of imaging programs:
Macrium Reflect
Acronis True Image
Symantec Ghost Solution Suite
AOMEI Backupper
Image for Windows
O&O DiskImage Professional
Paragon Backup (The one Microsoft uses in their stores and one I would like
to use)
StorageCraft ShadowProtect Desktop
Cobian Backup

And the list goes on...

So what have people used? Also, would it be possible to install the image
with NVDA?
I see there is Winstaller, but it doesn't look like a traditional imaging
program, so I don't know if it allows installing images on similar hardware
which is critical here.

Brandon Keith Biggs <>

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