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Having now found and gone to the home page of the site you mention, I am not moved to the privacy link.  Are you working with the home page?  There is a search field on the page but you don’t tell us which page you are working with.  I don’t know if I am looking at the same page.
If people are discussing a problem on a web site, they should copy the link to the page from the address bar and paste it into the message so we don’t have to search for the site and also so we know we are on the page you are discussing.
Once we know what page is being discussed, I hope people will see if they have this problem.  We need to see if it is a general problem or a problem you are having for some reason that doesn’t affect others.

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Sent: Sunday, June 20, 2021 8:47 AM
Subject: [nvda] Websites that determine where NVDA starts at
Hi all, I apologise for the rather clunky and undescriptive subject line!

I have found several websites shift the NVDA cursor to the website's privacy settings link when the page loads. I experience this most with the Sainsbury's supermarket website.  after I have searched for an item and added it to my basket, when I return to the search page, NVDA gets repositioned to the Heding 3 that is We value your privacy, which is right at the bottom of the webpage, with only the Cookie Settings links below it. Of course it's easy to press CTRL+Home to jump straight back up to the top of the webpage, but I find it a pain when I have to do it thirty times during the course of doing my weekly shop.

I can't remember off the top of my head, which other websites have this behaviour, but it is quite a few. Simple question ... is there any way to stop a website from doing this to NVDA, or any NVDA setting that can stop this happening?

I am using NVDA 2020.4 and it is happening with Firefox 89.0.1 and also in Chrome.



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