Re: Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and Latest NVDA Beta?



Then the question becomes:  Is anything misbehaving from a functional standpoint for you, the end user, with NVDA or Acrobat Reader DC?

There are errors that are critical, and errors that are not.  I've had many occasions with betas where a cycle of retries, in very rapid succession, produces exactly what you're experiencing now.  But whatever the error is must not be critical, because I can continue along just like nothing happened.  Remember that the beta software is "much more vocal" about signaling these sorts of errors than released software is.  You might be able to fire up 2020.4, and check your log, and find precisely the same batch of errors.  Errors have to rise to a certain level of criticality before the production releases will report them to a user.  The beta versions will give you a signal for each and every error logged, regardless of its level of criticality.

But what's been shared is likely to get a couple of sets of review and the issue addressed if need be.

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