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Hi, Quentin


Thanks for taking a look and pointing me in the right direction. The issue you mentioned doesn’t seem to be the same as it looks as though it involves back-translation so I’ve created a new one – if I’ve done things correctly! 😊


Thanks again

Richard Bartholomew



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Subject: Re: [nvda] BRAILLE OUTPUT TABLE


Hi Richard,


NVDA uses LibLouis for its braille tables.  I did find this issue on the LIbLous GitHub page mentioning plus signs in the UK tables.  The issue is open and I'm not 100% clear if the issue is the same as yours, but it might be worth you commenting on it to ensure the problem is documented or clarified:


If you're not familiar with GitHub, it is a website where open source projects like NVDA and LibLouis can store their code, track issues (which might be bugs, such as this one, or suggestions for new features), and where people can submit ideas or code updates.


NVDA also has a GitHub repository, and you can find our issues here:


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On Sun, Jun 20, 2021 at 3:26 AM Richard Bartholomew <rlbart53@...> wrote:



Using NVDA 2020.4, I’ve just switched over to the UK 8-dot computer code Braille table and notice that the plus sign is being displayed as dots 2,3,6 rather than 2,3,5.  Dots 2,3,6 depict the less than sign and this is correctly being shown for < as well as the one in error!


What do I do, please, to get this error fixed?



Richard Bartholomew





Quentin Christensen
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