Re: Question about using the elements list on a page with a large quantity of information

Giles Turnbull

Hi Louise,

yes, I have seen this sort of behaviour. One of the websites that has links to audio-described movies, has 4412 links. If you use NVDA+F7 to open up the list of links, it remains quiet on my fairly-quick laptop for about 10 seconds while it generates the list.

There are, on average, around 150 movies beginning with each letter of the alphabet, hence the large number of items.

I am only giving the web address, given the backlash when I didn't include it regarding my Sainsbury's website post earlier, so that others can check it out if it needs verifying. I am not expressing an opinion on whether audio-described movies should be downloaded. And, as with most things, other audio-described movie websites are available ;)

I'm using NVDA 2020.4 on Windows 10, and using Firefox 89.0.1.


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