Re: Question about using the elements list on a page with a large quantity of information


And I just tested out the page Giles offered (for which I thank you) on my machine, an HP Envy 15 TS laptop with an i7-4700MQ processor, 16GB RAM, and an SSD, and it took NVDA about 8 seconds to present the Elements List for that page.  That's a definitely noticeable pause between hitting INS+F7 and the resulting dialog being presented.

So, it does appear that it takes a few seconds for NVDA to do the work of constructing the elements list on pages that have far higher than typical numbers of elements on them.  And I imagine the length of time will be at least somewhat dependent on the processing power of your machine and the amount of RAM you have more so than the drive type, though even that has the potential to factor in.

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