Synth Development - How do you add a new language to NVDA?

Sheri Byrne-Haber

Moderator's Note I'm granting a dispensation on this question because there may be members who can direct the questioner to the correct resources, and I have no idea what those are.  This is definitely not an NVDA question, or synth compatibility with NVDA question, but one about creating a synth for a specific language that does not as yet have one.  That's definitely out of scope for this group.  If anyone knows of the correct contacts for this kind of development, please feel free to share that information.  But any deep delves into actual synth development really should take place elsewhere.

Yesterday was National Indigenous Peoples Day 2021 in Canada

David Berman commented on LinkedIn that there are no Canadian Indigenous languages available in screen readers, which made me sad.

The most commonly spoken indigenous language in the province I am from is Mi'kmaq.  While I do not speak Mi'kmaq, I've always been interested in learning.  More importantly, I do have access to some native speakers as I have a cousin who teaches at a school where Mi'kmaq is commonly spoken.

Is there a cookbook somewhere on how to do this?  Is anyone interested in volunteering to help?

Sheri Byrne-Haber
Accessibility Architect
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