Re: Making NVDA say day, month name, year for dates formatted as DD/MM/YYYY



I am going to presume that all dates will have a format DD/MM/YYYY or possibly DD/MM/YY for the purposes of what follows.

First, here's the step-by-step tutorial for adding a regular expression type match to the NVDA default dictionary.  The same steps would apply to the voice or temporary dictionary, but you'd have to select the correct one of those at that step in the steps.  I will presume you want this for any voice and all the time, so the default dictionary is appropriate:
Adding a Regular Expression match to the Default Dictionary
1. Hit NVDA+N,P,D,D   NVDA Main Menu, Preferences, Speech dictionaries, Default Dictionary
2. Hit ALT+A to activate the Add Button or navigate to it and activate it.
3. In the dialog that appears, paste or enter a regular expression in the Pattern edit box.
4. Paste or enter the replacement you want to hear in the Replacement edit box.  If you're using a capturing regular expression this may be a sequence of backslashes followed by the numbers of the capture groups you're using.
5. The comment edit box should either have a comment that helps you to remember the purpose of this dictionary entry, which is preferable, or be left blank.
6. Leave the Case Sensitive checkbox unchecked.
7. The Type radio button should be set to Regular Expression.
8. Activate the OK button

Now, for the list of twelve regular expression patterns and their respective replacement strings (all of which start with backslash one, so when you get to that on the line that is where the replacement string begins).  All of the regular expression patterns start with a left parenthesis and end with a right curly brace followed by a right parenthesis:

([0123][0-9])\/(01)\/(\d{2,4})          \1 January \3
([0123][0-9])\/(02)\/(\d{2,4})          \1 February \3
([0123][0-9])\/(03)\/(\d{2,4})          \1 March \3
([0123][0-9])\/(04)\/(\d{2,4})          \1 April \3
([0123][0-9])\/(05)\/(\d{2,4})          \1 May \3
([0123][0-9])\/(06)\/(\d{2,4})          \1 June \3
([0123][0-9])\/(07)\/(\d{2,4})          \1 July \3
([0123][0-9])\/(08)\/(\d{2,4})          \1 August \3
([0123][0-9])\/(09)\/(\d{2,4})          \1 September \3
([0123][0-9])\/(10)\/(\d{2,4})          \1 October \3
([0123][0-9])\/(11)\/(\d{2,4})          \1 November \3
([0123][0-9])\/(12)\/(\d{2,4})          \1 December \3


Try putting the one for June into your default dictionary then having NVDA read that email (or this one) from me to see how the date is pronounced afterward.

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