Re: NVDA does not read the context menu in the Edge browser


On Tue, Jun 22, 2021 at 07:45 PM, dennis huckle wrote:
I feel sure I always open the context menu by the usual method of shift f 10 or am I getting something wrong.

You're getting a couple of things wrong here.  No one has claimed (except, perhaps at the outset, and reasonably since it cannot be seen) that the Context Menu in Edge cannot be opened with SHIFT+F10, because it can.

The issue is that, for some odd reason, in Edge, screen reader focus is not thrown into the context menu itself when you hit your first down arrow after having opened it with SHIFT+F10.  I can replicate that problem, and it was not always there.

And since Mr. Sackrider reports the same lack of focus is occurring when using Narrator, not just when using NVDA, it certainly appears to be a bug of some kind having crept into either Edge proper or something in Windows that's responsible for exposing the context menu that Edge has opened to the screen reader for traversal.  It's a regression bug of some sort, since the problem was absent in the past, and had been absent as far as I know from the introduction of Chromium-based Edge.

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