Re: NVDA does not read the context menu in the Edge browser

Brian Sackrider

    The guy from Microsoft did try a number of things to fix my problem but he could not fix my problem.  He did try the fsc scann now and he did a repear of both my windows and the edge brouser.  He did a reinstall of my windows but not a clean install of my windows.  He used the quick assist to remote me.  I have no problemwith waiting until the next version of edge comes out or for the next patch.  My problem is that I was told that microsoft is even working on the problem.  My only concerned is that the problem does get fixtbefore they turn of ie.  I never said that they chould fix the problem in the next few days or weeks but that are activlyare working on the problem.  mMy case has been sent to tear 2 so I will have to wait and see what they say about the problem.  I do hope that they do fix the problem before ie is no more.  Since I am not the only one with the problem the problem is not with my windows.  This iswhat is wrong with companies they want to say that it's the users problem and not theirs they don't want to take responsability for their products.  It's always the users problem and not theirs and thats just not true.  The problem does not occure in ie and I don't like chrome as there are to many steps just to down load a file.  Chrome says that this file is not secure and I don't know if this can be turned off or not.  My friend sent me an email that has the steps on how to down load in chrome and he does not like it either.  It is quite doable but it's not preferable. 

Brian Sackrider   

On 6/22/2021 8:19 PM, Blake Roberts via wrote:
As I mentioned previously, I also experience the context-menu issue using the current version of Microsoft Edge. I reported the issue to Microsoft several days ago using help/send feedback in the browser.

Whether Microsoft fixes this issue or not, there is a simple solution to the context-menu problem which Mr. Sackrider and anyone else can implement immediately. I myself chose to stop using Microsoft Edge months ago for a different reason. I switched back to using Google Chrome browser, which I already installed on my computer years ago. Chromium-based Edge is similar to Google Chrome, though not identical. the context-menu functions correctly on my system when Google Chrome is used. If you don't want to download Google's browser, I would suggest trying Firefox. There may very well be other accessible web browsers useable with NVDA which I have not tried yet.

Regarding downloads: I have never used the context menu to access downloads. When I want to download a file, I press enter on it. To see download progress, I press alt+f for file then select downloads. In either chromium-based Edge or Google Chrome, the keyboard shortcut to access the downloads menu is control+j.

In summary: I'll quote the assistive technology trainer who taught me how to use JAWS years ago. The advice applies equally to NVDA users. "When using Windows, there is usually more than one way to do something."


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