Re: NVDA does not read the context menu in the Edge browser

Blake Roberts <BEarlRoberts@...>

I agree with John that the original poster attacking MS in writing was not appropriate. Be aware, everyone, that all messages written to lists are in an archive after submission/approval. I'm not 100% certain  if NVDA list messages are readable without a list subscription, but I'm thinking all messages might be publicly accessible. If I'm correct then Microsoft could theoretically read anything written about it by the original poster, or anyone else,  if list archives are accessible to anyone on the Internet.

Additionally, I fully support a statement made by Moderator Vogel about having different browsers installed. When I previously wrote about switching back to Google Chrome, I only changed my default browser. If I have difficulty accessing a particular web site in Chrome, I'll load it in Microsoft Edge. For folks who don't want to try Google Chrome, I repeat my previous suggestion to install/try Firefox. Or you can download another Chromium-based browser such as Brave. I might try Brave myself, so that I will have a third browser which does not start with the letter I.

Speaking of IE, to my knowledge Internet Explorer will not be going away until 2022. So you can still use Internet Explorer for months at this point in time. In closing, I encourage flexibility in trying a new browser or two and patience to see if the context-menu issue is fixed in a future Edge browser update.


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