Re: NVDA does not read the context menu in the Edge browser

Ron Canazzi

Hi Group,

I do use Edge browser on occasion, but with this discussion, I tried to reproduce the issue. I did reproduce it.  However, being of a curious and experimental mindset, I played around or about 5 minutes and found that although in the virtual cursor, the press of the Windows context key or the shift + F10 keystroke does not produce the visible context menu, when I turn off virtual cursor and then tab to the desired link and then press the Windows context key, the menu does in fact open.  It is not voiced but if you do the following, you have full access to the context menu.

1.  Find the link that you want using the virtual cursor.
2.  move your cursor back a link or two and then turn off the virtual cursor.
3. tab to highlight the desired link.
4.   then press the windows context key.
5.  Nothing is voiced, so press up/down arrow key or use first letter navigation to bring up the desired item.

In  addition, if you don't want to interact with a particular link, then highlight a piece of non linked text or a blank spot and turn off the virtual cursor to get the other non link context menu: back, forward, view source, add to collection and so on.

While this is a bit clumsy, it does work and if you need to use Edge, for now, that's the way to go.

On 6/22/2021 6:54 PM, Brian Sackrider wrote:
I justgot a call back from the disability answer desk and the guy told me to do a clean install of my windows or use the nvda redgistery tool.  I told him that other peoplealso are having this problem so it's not mywindows or my nvda it is on their end.  He kept on trying to get me to do what he said but I told him that I will not do that.  If they don't want to fix the problem that this just proves once and for all that microsoft does not care one bit about accessability.  When they turn off ie next year you will not be able to down load anything using their brouser.  I hope that they are proud ofthemselves for not caring enough to fix the problem of the context menu not reading in the edge brouser.  We nownot to expect any real accessability from now on.  They are saying it's your problem not ours.  When we call them to tell them of an accessability issue we will be told thats our problem not ours.  I don't have any respect for them at all.  If they would have told me that they are awhear of the problem and they are working on a sulution that would be a different story but that is not the case.  Thats your dumb forigeners for you they are to bit and lazy and incompatent their programers are a joke whear did they get their degree?  Out of a cracker jack box.

Brian Sackrider

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