Re: NVDA does not read the context menu in the Edge browser



If you go to file then help then about what is your version

The latest version for me is.

91.0.864.54 (Official build) (64-bit)

If you don't have that version edge will update itself then click restart then try again.

On 23/06/2021 7:56 pm, dennis huckle wrote:

That would account for my seeing the context menu as Nothing, as far as I am aware is updated lately on my system.

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Dennis huckle.



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Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA does not read the context menu in the Edge browser


A problem has been reported on the list that, recently, the context menu doesn’t open properly so screen-readers can’t see it.  I’m not sure if it doesn’t open properly or for some reason, the screen-reader doesn’t move to it.  this seems to be a problem that has occurred more or less within the last week since it first was discussed about a week ago.  I don’t think it is understood whether this is a problem with Edge or with Windows 10 but it evidently is related to a recent update of something.



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Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA does not read the context menu in the Edge browser


Very strange to me Jean.

I feel sure I always open the context menu by the usual method of shift f 10 or am I getting something wrong.

Exactly what is it you or others want to achieve.

It would be difficult for me to show what the context menu gives me in edge so I can only do my best to explain

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Dennis huckle.



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Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA does not read the context menu in the Edge browser


The disability answer desk has nothing to do with Microsoft’s department that corrects problems with accessibility and works on accessibility in general.  they help blind people do things such as install programs or try to solve problems with programs.  the competence of the techs seems to vary widely, according to reports I’ve heard.  Support staff are never to be trusted implicitly.  I try to avoid dealing with support staff but when I have, with various companies, I find I am given incorrect information enough that I don’t believe anything that doesn’t sound correct to me without further investigation.


Microsoft does put a good deal of work into accessibility.  If you want to report this problem to the department that is responsible for accessibility, I would imagine someone can give you information about that.  But your general comments about Microsoft are just plain wrong. 


While I expect this problem to be corrected, it is not true that you need to use the context menu to download using the browser.  I almost never use it.  And there are some sites that you can’t download from using the context menu because of the way the sites work so you neede to know the other way.  If you want, I will explain the other method which is the far more generally used one.



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Subject: [nvda] I don't think that microsoft wants to fixt the problem with the context menu in the edge brouser


I justgot a call back from the disability answer desk and the guy told
me to do a clean install of my windows or use the nvda redgistery tool. 
I told him that other peoplealso are having this problem so it's not
mywindows or my nvda it is on their end.  He kept on trying to get me to
do what he said but I told him that I will not do that.  If they don't
want to fix the problem that this just proves once and for all that
microsoft does not care one bit about accessability.  When they turn off
ie next year you will not be able to down load anything using their
brouser.  I hope that they are proud ofthemselves for not caring enough
to fix the problem of the context menu not reading in the edge brouser. 
We nownot to expect any real accessability from now on.  They are saying
it's your problem not ours.  When we call them to tell them of an
accessability issue we will be told thats our problem not ours.  I don't
have any respect for them at all.  If they would have told me that they
are awhear of the problem and they are working on a sulution that would
be a different story but that is not the case.  Thats your dumb
forigeners for you they are to bit and lazy and incompatent their
programers are a joke whear did they get their degree?  Out of a cracker
jack box.

Brian Sackrider

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