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Select SAPI 5 in the synthesizer dialog.  After you do that and the dialog is closed, open the voice dialog, NVDA key control v.
Tab until you get to the field where you select the voice.  It is a combo box and it will say voice.
Down arrow to the voice you want and press enter.  You won’t hear Eloquence announced as you down arrow.  You will hear various available voices such as American English and lots of other languages.  You will hear these announcements, I believe spoken in their languages.  Find the one you want and press enter.  The voice you selected is now active.

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Sent: Wednesday, June 23, 2021 1:22 AM
Subject: [nvda] Code Factory Eloquence for Windows as a SAPI voice
Last year I bought Code Factory Eloquence voice.
As it was unclear, I thought I had to buy Eloquence for Windows and then the addon for NVDA as a "link" between NVDA and Eloquence.
After just buying the first one, and installed the addon, it worked.
It worked fine until a recent Code Factory's server outage during while it asked continuously for my registration key.
After Code Factory's server came back, I could enter my licence key in Eloquence for Windows, but NVDA don't want to work with, it ask me for a licence key for Eloquence for NVDA.
I talked with Code Factory support and they said that Eloquence for Windows is a SAPI voice I can use in other software, and as a SAPI voice in NVDA. I foolowed their recommandations and removed the Code Factory addon from NVDA. No more bugging messages.
I can use Eloquence voice in Windows Narrator, but NVDA doesn't see it.
How I can tell NVDA there is a SAPI voice called Eloquence and use it ?
If there is no way, I'll pay for Eloquence addon, but as I could use it with Narrator, I suppose NVDA can do the same.
Sylvain Machefert

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