Re: Webex Accessibility Regression

Afik Souffir <afik.souffir@...>

I suggest you to contact the devlopers of webex and tell them about the issue. 

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Sent: Wednesday, June 23, 2021 5:07:10 PM
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Subject: [nvda] Webex Accessibility Regression
Hello all,

As a bit of an introduction, I have recently started a software developer job where I am consistently using Windows again after  trying to run far away from it for the past 6 years. We use WebEx for meetings and early last week (the week of the 14-18 of June 2021), The join a meeting screen has suddenly become inaccessible. This is the screen that lets you make sure you have your video and audio set up correctly before joining. NVDA sees the window, but can not see anything in it. If I perform OCR with NVDA+r, It says, "Content is not visible." I have received visual confirmation that the window is on the screen and looks okay. I can also access it with narrator. But NVDA doesn't work. I have tried launching NVDA under an admin account and with addons disabled, but nothing seems to work.
Obviously I can join from my phone, and I can get into the meetings with narrator, But I would really like this to work with NVDA like it used to.

Has anyone come across this? I tried to do some searching on the page here, but it doesn't seem you are able to search here on Am I mistaken about this?

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