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On Wed, Jun 23, 2021 at 03:16 PM, JM Casey wrote:
I have mixed and very complicated feelings about ads on the internet.
I don't.  The business model for internet advertising is perverse, and need not be what it is.

Internet advertising should be handled just like an extension to print media advertising:  you pay for placement.  When you advertise in print media, on television, or even on the radio you do not pay or not pay depending on whether any set number of individuals do or do not actually engage with the ad, whether that be seeing it and reading it, seeing it broadcast, or listening to it broadcast.  You pay by placement and based on total circulation/audience numbers, whether one member of the audience engages, nearly all of them do, or none of them do.

If web advertising were not just so darned intrusive in far too many cases, I'd be fine with it.  In the case of those of us that see (and I know the analog exists for those who don't, too) even silent ads that are flashing, scrolling, flipping through images, etc., is just visually distracting in the extreme, and makes actually reading a nightmare.

Since I pay for my internet bandwidth, I also don't want that eaten up by things other than those I choose.

I have never felt a moment's compunction about using ad blockers, and never will.  It is entirely possible for companies with major internet media presence to price their advertising as they do for all other media, not for whether there were countable "eyes on," for a specific ad.  It's even more stupid when there is no guarantee that having "eyes on" (and you all know what I mean, substitute ears on as needed) actually means that you had that in any meaningful sense.  Something having been served up on a page does not come close to guaranteeing engagement.

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