Re: Will NVDA running from a USB stick on a friends PC leave any files behind after use?


Thanks Luke, I'll pass that good advice on and it's much appreciated.

Take care,

On 6/23/21, Luke Davis <> wrote:
Blaster wrote:

Will NVDA running on a USB stick on another person's PC leave any
files or setting changes behind that would require a little clean up
Hypothetically, no. However if you are using any add-ons in the version
of NVDA on the stick, it can't be guaranteed that none of those are badly
written enough to do that.
Community approved add-ons shouldn't have this problem, but those from
other sources could.

An add-on can write to anywhere on the system that the current user can
write too, although I'm sure most of them don't have any reason to do

If you stick to those from (or the "get
add-ons" button in the manager), and the ones you choose don't
specifically say they will be writing files, then you shouldn't have a
problem with add-ons.

As far as settings changes: a portable copy shouldn't change any settings
that I can think of, at least not in a negative way.


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