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On Wed, Jun 23, 2021 at 06:31 PM, JM Casey wrote:
it’s usually an isolated machine?
There are legitimate reasons, particularly in the case of obsolete software that does things like running actual equipment that has never been rewritten, and where replacing the equipment it controls would be insanely expensive and/or wasteful since it still works, to have out-of-support versions of Windows in use IF IT IS AIR GAPPED FROM CYBERSPACE.

tim wrote, in part:  Your going to find a lot of companies along with the government are so far back on upgrades its funny.

 Well, having worked in state government for years, I can say that you're absolutely correct, but only to the extent that the latest version of "thing X" is not typically in use.  But out of support, entirely out of support, software, and particularly office suites and operating systems, are virtually never in broad use.  It violates both IT policies and, in many places, the law.  Security does matter, and the easiest way to create massive security holes is the use of unsupported software that will never have any patches in contact with cyberspace.

What might be going on in tiny town governments "in the middle of nowhere" is another story.  And no one should believe those circumstances, whatever they may be, can be considered a representative sample of common practice in larger, better funded, government entities with dedicated IT departments.

But I can absolutely agree that government IT departments, as a general rule, tend to upgrade/update at the very tail end of the window prior to support dropping entirely.  I worked on XP for several years after 7 came into existence (and both were still supported by Microsoft) and there was a lot of resistance in some quarters to updating to Windows 7 even after most had been using it on their own home machines for quite a while.  And a lot of that is driven, unfortunately, on how poorly many deal with change and the avalanche of calls that come for even the simplest changes in the UI, among other things.

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