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Pranav Lal

Hi Sean,

Yes, I have tried repairing office without success. I have access to the pst file so that is not a problem. I have too many message rules and a lot of archived e-mail to just switch.

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Whenever I have switched last I simply resubbed my email lists and such, on email addresses.
On my tb I did a straight export from eudora and it worked.
If you find your .pst file which is usually in documents\outlook files or %appdata%\office\outlook or something like that you should in theory be able to import your mail and contacts at least.
I don't use other features of outlook though, does outlook crash with other readers, ie jaws?
I had outlook do bad things not syncing devices and being bad last week with dad's iphone and his main system mail.
After repairing the icloud system, I had to end up deleting his entire profiles, recreating it again, using his allready imported datafile on his system then subbing everything again again.
Have you tried to reinstall or repair office?

On 15/09/2016 12:39 p.m., Pranav Lal wrote:

What e-mail client do you suggest? I have looked at thunderbird but cannot use it because importing from outlook is broken. I need to do a lot of formatting of documents such as using styles so cannot switch to alternative office applications because as far as I know they lack the underlying infrastructure to communicate fully with NVDA.

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Shaun Everiss
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I would use something other than ms outlook.
Unless it can be fixed.
I abandond ms office ages ago.
In fact I think if I ever hit the need for office that I will either use old office xp which I legally own or one of the free office installs.
I do know that office 2007 or 2010 will work and with the features I use I don't need the cloud office apps and so won't run into a problem.
Since I do have jarte though its about all I will need.
If libreoffice works well or openoffice that is then I will probably use that.
True, if someone offers me office whatever the latest is and its funded for my business then hmmm.
Maybe I will use jaws because thats what people do for office and just use nvda for my personal use but I'd really like to use nvda for as much as I can.
Technically I could use my other comercial readers but since nvda needs to be used on a lot of things well.
I have got used to the ribbon in office and the shortcuts and it works as it should as long as I know the various code sequences.

On 14/09/2016 5:34 p.m., Pranav Lal wrote:
Hi Paul,

I have indeed resorted to writing my replies in Notepad and pasting
them into Outlook. However, It is one more step and what if I have to
quote parts of a message? More formatting issues for one thing when I
transfer data between programs. So yes, there are workarounds but
this situation must be addressed.

On 9/14/16, Paul Benson <> wrote:
Hello Pranav and all,

Thoroughly annoying when the half-composed message is lost. Perhaps
a plan B is available? Compose the reply message in Notepad or
similar and only open up Outlook to copy the completed reply from
clipboard into the required location. This also allows simple regular updates while composing.

Paul Benson.

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Outlook 2016 works with NVDA but there is one issue which renders it
almost unusable. At least on my computer, when composing a message
or replying to a message, NVDA locks up randomly. The only way to
recover is to reboot the computer. I have raised tickets about this


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Kenny Peyattt jr.
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Subject: [nvda] microsoft word 2-16 and outlook 2016:

Hi how well does outlook and Microsoft word 2016 work with nvda? I
am planning on upgrading to office 2016 soon, and I was wondering
how accessible Microsoft outlook 2016 is.

Kenny Peyattt jr.

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