locked Windows 11 accessibility

Ali Savas

Hello all,

Microsoft has finally unveiled Windows 11, which has been awaited by
many technically minded people. As expected, unfortunately not so much
was said about the accessibility of Windows 11, because not so many
people are interested in it. At least I couldn't read anything about it.
However, I can very well imagine that developers of assistive
technologies were informed in advance to already make adjustments to
their products.

Therefore I would be interested in the following:

Are there already experiences from the developers how it looks like with
the accessibility of Windows 11? Has much been done under the hood in
this regard or is it really "just" a beefed up Windows 10?

Personally, I think Windows 11 is a visually improved Windows 10, which
has been populated with some minor features without making any major
changes to the kernel. For this reason, I don't think there are as big
technical changes as for example from Windows XP to Vista/7. I think
Windows 11 is more marketing than anything else.

Thanks in advance and best regards

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