Re: NVDA 2021.1 beta 5 error installation

hurrikennyandopo ...


I got the same error  as well. I did download the beta 4 then installed it as requested then went to get beta 5 it downloaded then went to set it up and got that same error.

Ended up just deleting out the files from the portable version and after they were all gone then installed the beta 5 thins seems to have goen back to normal.

ene nz

On 25/06/2021 5:27 am, Ján Kulik wrote:

I don't know what's going on here, but I can't install NVDA 2021.1 beta 5 because:

usage: nvda_noUIAccess.exe [-h] [-q] [-k] [-f LOGFILENAME]
                           [-l {10,12,15,20,30,40,50,100}] [-c CONFIGPATH]
                           [-m] [-s] [--disable-addons] [--debug-logging]
                           [--no-logging] [--no-sr-flag]
                           [--install | --install-silent | --create-portable | --create-portable-silent]
                           [--portable-path PORTABLEPATH] [--launcher]
                           [--enable-start-on-logon True|False]
                           [--copy-portable-config] [--ease-of-access]
error: argument -m/--minimal: ignored explicit argument '--log-level=20'

What should I do then?

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