Re: Accessible imaging Software with NVDA?

jeremy <icu8it2@...>

Ok, I'll grab the link and send it over. As to the questions, yeah, you can image it, how ever you like. As I'm sure, you are already aware, you'd probably want to first back up the extra stuff, movies, music, applications you don't need, etc, else the image may be quite large. You are also able to use the PE to do an installation of windows as well.

Just as long as you know what it takes to boot from cd/USB on your machine, you should be able to get into the PE on the new computer and access the previously created image, which I'd assume you would have stored on an external.

As you probably know already, if you had made an image of a registered installation of windows and then try to use that image on the new computer, you may find that your registration is no longer valid. I also don't' really know what to expect with differences in drivers on the new hardware that you move the image over to.

If you're simply going to move over to another hd though, it works quite well and is what I used to migrate my installation of 7 over to my SSD, when I purchased it.
My apologies if I've missed anything or slightly misunderstood what you're trying to do, but hit me up if I can help with anything.
Take care and link for the download is here at the bottom.

Brandon Keith Biggs wrote:

I am dealing with Windows computers.
I would love to know about the talking PE.
Are you able to image your own programs or just do a fresh Windows install?
Are you able to mount the image on a new computer that has never started up yet?

Brandon Keith Biggs <>

On Thu, Sep 15, 2016 at 10:59 AM, Jeremy <icu8it2@... <mailto:icu8it2@...>> wrote:

Mostly depends on if you want to do the imaging from within Linux
or Windows. In Windows, I'd use the talking PE and not the one
from Brian ssmart, there's one that's updated more often

If you want to make the image from within a Linux environment, you
could use clonezilla, which can be found in the latest versions of
the Talking arch live system.

I don't have the link for either here on hand, but I can get both
of them, if you are interested. The talking PE is the one that's
updated by a guy, Carlos, over on the techtalk list. I can
personally vouch for the PE for making images of my windows
systems, as that's what I use and it works extreamly well.
Hope that helps. :)
Take care.
Brandon Keith Biggs wrote:

Does anyone know of any accessible imaging software
(preferably free) that will allow me to backup all my
installed programs and files, preferably customize them, then
allow me to install the image on a new computer with similar
I have been asked to setup around 50 computers with the exact
same programs and file structure and then maintain them.
I know of all kinds of imaging programs:
Macrium Reflect
Acronis True Image
Symantec Ghost Solution Suite
AOMEI Backupper
Image for Windows
O&O DiskImage Professional
Paragon Backup (The one Microsoft uses in their stores and one
I would like to use)
StorageCraft ShadowProtect Desktop
Cobian Backup

And the list goes on...

So what have people used? Also, would it be possible to
install the image with NVDA?
I see there is Winstaller, but it doesn't look like a
traditional imaging program, so I don't know if it allows
installing images on similar hardware which is critical here.

Brandon Keith Biggs <>

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