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Its going to be time, to look at linux to keep these older systems running.

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Well look on chat about the health check.

I don't see anything for the blind in this.

I like the idea of amazon and android support apps because maybe I can play those games I have been missing out on, maybe.

Maybe I can use kindle and maybe I can either replace cortana with google or alexa respectively.

I don't much care for another windows interface especially windows x.

I am allready having to say good bye to some of the control panel settings even though I prefer the simpler control panel interface.

I was hoping microsoft would fix the crashyness of the explorer shell above all.

Windows store and winget was something I wanted to try to see if it would work like apt get in linux ubuntu.

I was hoping for the ability to run whatever desktop I wanted withhin windows so maybe I could stay with a windows 10 style desktop, xp or 7 or other linux desktop maybe.

This new visual interface change doesn't interest me.

I have had to allready turn that annoying news and interests thing off because of its sheer clutteryness on screen.

Yes even though there are some reasons for a microsoft account I like the idea of things staying local and so do some older people like my aunt and my dad.

Thing is there aint much keeping me to a microsoft account.

I don't and will never use onedrive.

I have managed to get a good cheap deal on office though I will be using it mainly for converting documents and not much else.

I don't need any of the extra syncronisation features in a ms account.

With ms going to spotify I will not be needing music.

I have a few apps but most of these are not well accessible or even needed.

The certification would be nice though so far there hasn't been any malware via a universal.

The requirements for tpm is going to cut out a lot of people.

Right now thats all amd units from well 2013 till the present day, maybe amd will have tpm 2 modules to stay in the game now.

So you are cutting all intel i series from gen1 to well gen 5 maybe?

Or is that also going to include generation 6 7 and maybe 8?

So after 6 years, who will bother updating their systems.

My system works.

So do others in my family.

Security sure begrudgingly we will do it.

But I'm not updating for an interface which holds nothing new for me at all!

I doubt any of the others I have will either.

I have serviced friends that have systems from 2010 which are almost broken and old.

But they have little cash to even replace them.

My and my aunt's systems are 2016 units I think mine was either a
2017-2018 model amd system a ryzen 2nd gen but without a tpm.

My aunt is a 7th generation intel.

Really hope microsoft will allow us to continue with 10 for a bit because I don't want to switch everyone to microsoft accounts, I have even forgotten the passwords we use for some of them because we don't use them at all.

Lets hope I can switch back to local again.

And what about when upgrading lets hope thats fine.

I haven't yet seen anything spaciffically about windows 11 from dolphin for testing but assume something is going on with that.

At any rate who has the cash for a new latest intel processer enabled computer with tpm especially now.

Duel drives for me is fine but what does that mean for older systems recycled or whatever.

For 6 mmore years or so well fine.

But after that, well older systems = more crap in landfills because they can't be used because microsoft says so.

Wander how many will move away.

I can't afford to because I have spent a lot of cash on windows and so have others but this is probably one reason I'd concidder switching to something else if there was something else more accessible than windows.

Lets hope microsoft actually soften their stance because right now I can see more issues down the road.

On 25/06/2021 4:25 am, Ali Savas wrote:
Hello all,

Microsoft has finally unveiled Windows 11, which has been awaited by
many technically minded people. As expected, unfortunately not so much
was said about the accessibility of Windows 11, because not so many
people are interested in it. At least I couldn't read anything about it.
However, I can very well imagine that developers of assistive
technologies were informed in advance to already make adjustments to
their products.

Therefore I would be interested in the following:

Are there already experiences from the developers how it looks like with
the accessibility of Windows 11? Has much been done under the hood in
this regard or is it really "just" a beefed up Windows 10?

Personally, I think Windows 11 is a visually improved Windows 10, which
has been populated with some minor features without making any major
changes to the kernel. For this reason, I don't think there are as big
technical changes as for example from Windows XP to Vista/7. I think
Windows 11 is more marketing than anything else.

Thanks in advance and best regards


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