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Hi List,


Consider this;


Would micro soft continue to support windows 10  til some time in 2025  if it had so much vulnerability that  hundreds of millions machines running win 10  have to be replaced with win 11 machines?

Come on folks, think about this simple question for a minute or 2?


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Well yeah I need to agree.

How much will the windows 10 x stuff be to the average user anyway.

Put it this way, not many will be snapping up new systems just to have tpm module support or anything.

I think microsoft needs to tell us what this extra security module will do to and what the risks are if you didn't have it.


I suspect consumers may not even have to worry about it.

Especially if they use a local account.

Since microsoft removed things like the music store, there is nothing for us blinks on it bar a few windows apps and codecs.

Compaired to everyone else apple, google, etc thats pritty lame.

Then they cut down cortana.

So simply that means the only 2 assistants in the running are google and amazon.

The apple system is catching up but only works for apple devices and the other 2 are universal.

My point microsoft aint pushing any favors.

Even if a system like mine has tpm2 installed which I checked, that pc healthcheck obviously does not detect it.

I also agree about the update.

Security is fine but a new interface from windows x does not inspire me a user to upgrade.

Bar some minor things, I don't see this as any step forward.

So now I need to go through an extra step.

Setup, connect to a microsoft account, create a local one, delete my microsoft account or revert because I don't need most of its features, and other stuff.

Its another headake to things.

Then I need to turn all widgets off because they get in the way.

I mean really just give us a working os for once.



On 25/06/2021 6:56 am, JM Casey wrote:

It’s pretty much the least exciting major version change in history (ok, that might be a slight exaggeration). When Windows 10 came around it felt like it was at least somewhat something new and that it was meant to be that – this just feels like yet anotehr Windows 10 update that was braned this way for some reason? Why? Oh Microsoft…



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On Thu, Jun 24, 2021 at 12:46 PM, Chris Smart wrote:

Are Microsoft even calling it Windows 11?

Yes, what had been known by the code name Sun Valley, and been developed as what had been slated to be Windows 10, Version 20H2, has been officially rebranded as Windows 11 by Microsoft a short while ago.

Note carefully what I said above.  There will be no significant accessibility changes (except for a few possible regression bugs and/or actual improvements to accessibility) in Windows 11 because it is, and always has been, the next feature update.

Why a redesigned UI, and that's the main difference in this release, warrants a rebranding as a whole new Windows version number is anyone's guess, and only the marketing geniuses at Microsoft really know.

But let's not pretend that this is some major version change like 7 to 8 and 8 to 10 were, because it's not.

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