NVDA lags while working with MS Word using unicode input for local languages

T. G. J. Rukmal

Hello everyone,

I'm Janitha from Sri Lanka and here we use unicode input to type in the local language called Sinhalese.

ESpeak synth has been doing a fine job of reading text typed in this language using unicode until  NVDA version 2020.3. Thereafter, even in V 2020.4, we, the Sri Lankan users of NVDA  came across a lag while typing in Sinhalese unicode in MS word and even in google docs while using both Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Upon investigating about the versions of windows used by the users who experienced the above, it was revealed that they were running different updates of Windows 10 and regardless of the windows 10 update they were running, the problem appears to have persisted.  When we inquired about the hardware specifications of the machines on which they have installed NVDA, their specs were well above the minimum requirements specified in NVAccess website.

1. Is this a known issue or is there a quick fix for this?
2. What additional information do we need to provide the developers to investigate further?

Thanks and best regards

T. J. Rukmal
First NVDA certified Expert from Sri Lanka
Co-founder Enable Lanka Foundation

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