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On Fri, Jun 25, 2021 at 03:46 AM, Sean Murphy wrote:
I like to inform you that Cisco does not test with NVDA.  When I work for them a couple years ago in their accessibility group I was the only one who used NVDA for testing.  You need to raise this with the accessibility@... mailer and really push the point.
And as much as I hate to be the naysayer on this, the NVDA group, the question is:  What point?

You can ask and advocate for testing with NVDA, and I think that would be a fine thing to advocate for, but no company is obligated to test specifically with NVDA, or specifically with JAWS, or specifically with Narrator.  Most companies are going to pick one, and only one, screen reader to test with, and be lucky if they have individuals truly competent with a screen reader if they're not a large enterprise (Cisco is, so they should have competent screen reader testers).

But I would not be surprised if even screen reader testing is now largely automated like a lot of other testing is, and "success" dictated by whether analysis of the speech logs has what they expected to be in them actually be in them.

The use of human testers (much like humans that do almost any sort of job) has been on the decrease even when I was still working in software development in the 1990s.  And more's the pity, because as Quentin recently pointed out on this very group, what humans actually do when faced with a given novel situation is very often very much at odds with what the developers presumed they would do and should do.  Determining how an actual person interacts with your software, including how they do things you never, ever thought anyone would do, is at the very heart of through testing.  And it happens far too little.

But I would never hold my breath that any company is doing accessibility testing with two screen readers, let alone three (or more).

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