Re: NVDA lags while working with MS Word using unicode input for local languages


By the way, for anyone who wants a tutorial on creating an issue in GitHub for NVDA, along with an MS-Word fillable form that you can then unprotect and copy and paste into the GitHub report so that you know you can't accidentally mess up the formatting they use to parse the report (and, boy, did I learn about that the hard way when I decided to do what I thought was some "tidying up" once when I created a trouble report).

Creating an Issue in GitHub for NVDA

MS-Word Fillable Form for an NVDA Bug Report Including Pre and Post Filling-Out Instructions

MS-Word Fillable Form for an NVDA Bug Report Including Only Post Filling-Out Instructions


How to Unprotect a Completed Fillable Word Form so the Entire Document Can Be Copied


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